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New-tech Coated Ultra Thin composite metal wire

New-tech Coated Ultra Thin composite metal wire
the upper working temperature can be 450℃ without any discolour or slack. Now we can supply ultra thin tungsten and molybdenum wires with various metal coats more than gold, like silver, nickel, copper and titanium. The typical wire diameter can vary from 150, 120 and 50 micron down to 27, 17...
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New-tech Coated Ultra Thin composite metal wire

Ultra thin composite metal wire brief introduction

Ultra thin composite metal wire is a kind of metal wire which composite a layer of other metal on the surface of core wire(base material) with electroless plating or electroplating techniques.

For instanceComposite wires could be formed by using tungsten ,molybdenum, etc. as core wires with various metal coats like copper ,silver ,gold ,nickel and titanium, etc. 


Products applications

This more durable and pure coated thin metal wire can meet various applications like weaving advanced grid for space-vehicle antenna ,electric vacuum devices ,etc; electrode for basic photocopier up to precise instrument and sensor detecting gas and radioactive substance security detecting ;We also could change the variety of core wire(base material) and coating material according to the market requirements, exploit bonding wires in areas such as integrated circuit and LED chips, in addition, fabric shielding effect ultra thin composite metal wires fields.



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