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Invited To The 2017 Cross-strait Science And Technology Cultural Exchange Summit
Dec 08, 2017

Under the guidence of the state council's Taiwan affairs office communication bureau,  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan office of ministry of science and technology,the special support of science and technology department of Guangxi zhuang autonomous region, Nanning high-tech industry development zone management committee, the Guangxi zhuang autonomous region communications administration. On December 7th, in Guangxi , the 2017 cross-strait science and technology cultural exchange summit was co-organized by Chinese productivity promotion center association,Corporate Chinese productivity center, national engineering technology research center and Taiwan affairs office of Guangxi zhuang autonomous region. Xi 'an Space star Technology(Group)Corporation participated in the summit  as the special guest.


The colleagues of Xi 'an Space star Technology(Group)Corporation  shared the applications in Internet , big data and space technology, especially the integration of satellite application technology  as a space enterprise. Emphatically introduced the space technology, the Internet, cloud computing, machine vision, deep learning tourism, health and security in the field of application, bring new ideas for industry development.