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Features&introduction of 0.6mSOTM
Sep 09, 2016


u  Modular design, high integration

u  High tracking-accuracy, efficient response speed

u  Broadband antenna technology

u  Small and light

SPACE STAR 0.6m Ku band maritime VSAT(0.6m SOTM), combining high-accuracy technology of SINS with beacon tracking and GPSbuiltin, keeps tracking satellite accurately for vessels on the move. The stability of satellite connectionisguaranteed even if vessels are under an extreme circumstance.

Designed with 3-axis pedestal, small and light, the system can be applied on awider range of ocean condition.

If you are interested in our products,we have 

1.earth station antenna(1.2m/1.8m/2.4m/3m/3.7m/4.5m/5.3m/6.2m/7.3m/9m/11.3m);

2.Drive-away Antenna(1.2m/1.5m/1.8m,2.4m);

3.SOTM Antenna(panel antenna,vehicle-borne antenna and shipborne antenna);

4. Manual Flyaway Antenna;

5. Auto Flyaway Antenna(0.6m/1.0m/1.2m);

6.Other composite antenna products.

please do not hesitate to contact us.(info@spacestartech.com)