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Advantages of 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna
Aug 17, 2016

Technical features and product advantages:

1.Strong maneuverability: integrated design , could be integral lifted and shipped by transport plane, vehicle , ships and warships.

2. Excellent concealment: have a variety of carrier transport means , strong concealment.

3.Fast response speed : finishing spread antenna and aiming at satellite within 20 minutes.

4. High precision sensor applications: using differential GPS and high-precision inclinometer, no need for repeated calibration and leveling.

5. Precision connecting satellite and tracking: adopting three axis antenna mount, SPC or monopulse tracking system, could deal with all kinds of satellites in orbit.

6. Automate operation: adopting satellite antenna with umbrella shape, with one- touch deploy, one –touch connect satellite and one- touch furl automatically.

7. High reliability: standard aerospace design, stable and reliable system with long lifetime .

8. Environmental suitability: special design, could adopt the complex conditions and geographical environment.

9. Maintainability: the master control system with the function of fault self-diagnose, every component can be fast repaired and replaced.

10. Electromagnetic compatibility: Conforming to the GJB 151A-97.

We are 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna manufacturers,if you are interested in this products,please do not hesitate to contact us.(info@spacestartech.com)