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1.2m auto motorized c band/ku band carbon fiber portable flyaway satellite antenna (system) dish

Product Details

1.2m auto motorized c band/ku-band carbon fiber portable flyaway satellite antenna (system) dish


The power amplifier and flexible waveguides should be placed in the other cases.

We could offer the acceptable dimention custormized case for you.


1)capture the satellite manually quickly

2)transmit 2—8Mbps pictures,data and mobile phones

3)not restricted by transportation condition and geographical environment which could realize the high quality video and data communication


1)The carbon fiber reflector is equipped with high intensity and light weight.

2)Perfect cross polarization,low sidelobe and high efficiency

3)dismount conveniently and quickly,could be adjust by shortcut and be assembled in 3 minutes by one person 

4)low collection volume

5)could adjust to all the extreme environment 

Space star also sell Antenna feed(including cassegrain feed),offset reflector and antenna mount etc. separately.

If you are interested in our products ,please do not hesitate to contact us.

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